Learn the basics of Capoeira with Instructor Bocão, in collaboration with Peatix Online Event Festival


Set off your day to a right start with this energising 45mins virtual Basic Capoeira class that promises to get you moving in a fun way! Pick up beginner-friendly moves with instructions that will get you in the right form and learn more about the easy movement and conditioning work that you can easily do at home with the family! Besides the physical movements, we will also explore some Brazilian cultural aspects which you will learn, is an integral element in Capoeira.

Keen to find out more about what Capoeira has to offer? Enquire at one of these schools near you!

During this 45 minutes of basic capoeira session, we will break into 3 parts of experiencing what capoeira got to offer.
1. Movement
2. Basic Brazilian Portuguese
3. Capoeira Songs

What is Capoeira?

Capoeira is a Brazilian Art Form that has elements of martial art, dance, acrobatics, musicality, rhythm, foreign language, and many more. Through our classes, we allow you to express yourself and learn through playfulness.

About the instructor
Malcolm Wu, also known as ‘Bocão’ within the capoeira community, established the first capoeira school in Sarawak in 2012 and set about spreading the gospel of capoeira.

For Malcolm, capoeira is a way of life that extends beyond martial arts into a love for life and all it has to offer. His passion to share Brazilian culture with everyone around him led him to organise the first Simplesmente Capoeira gathering in Kuching in 2013, drawing capoeira masters, enthusiasts and practitioners who could see his vision, from all over the globe to Borneo. Since then, the initial gathering has grown into an annual training event which has expanded beyond capoeira into a cross-cultural exchange of knowledge and skills in related fields such as Samba, acrobatics and movement, hosting expert teachers from across the world and uniting students of all levels.

He is presently under the tutelage of Mestre Pontapé of Centro Cultural Luandaé (Brazil/ Hungary), Professor Cavalo of Capoeira Amazonas (Croatia) and Professora Katjuša Kovačič of Capoeira Balanço da Meia Lua (Slovenia).

Feel free to reach out to the following Capoeira Schools that is located near you.

1. Brazilian Cultural Center
2. Saudação Capoeira
3. Capoeira Arte Canarana
4. Xango Capoeira Group
5. Pelo Sinal da Santa Cruz

Peninsular Malaysia
1. Movimento Simples de Capoeira
2. Capoeira Camara
3. Grupo Capoeira Cordão de Ouro
4. Academia Cultural BAOBÁ Capoeira
5. Grupo Senzala de Capoeira
6. Capoeira Penang

East Malaysia
1. Capoeira Sarawak
2. Cafobo: Capoeira Angola Foundation Borneo

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Sat Sep 26, 2020
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM SGT
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